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About RJ Deeds

RJ Deeds was born in Dublin. He retired in 2019 after 40 years’ service to engineering and management. He accumulated vast experience in a wide range of roles. 

"Ulser", his first title, is available to purchase on Amazon now. 

RJ hopes that his readers will acquire insights into life and people through the lens of his stories. 

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"He was feeling more alive the more he died inside"

Ulser is available to purchase now on Amazon.

RJ Deeds

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Ulser available to purchase now on Amazon. 

Manager Ted Black hunts down Ulser, a poisonous employee. Gripping, pulsating, workplace thriller

Available via Atmosphere Press, Barnes & Noble and Amazon Books.

Ted Black has landed the job of his life – company car, top man, enough to afford a mortgage on a house in the best part of town. On his first day at Eirtran, he encounters Ulser, who has had an “accident” on the shop floor. Ulser had never been previously confronted about his suspect behaviour at work, and he doesn’t appreciate Ted’s interest in his predicament.

Ted’s sense of right and wrong drive him to sort out Ulser, but Ulser continues to cause mayhem, poisoning the atmosphere at the workplace, leading to pickets and all-out strike. Ted’s home and family are under attack – graffiti on his house, strange calls during the day and night, even arson. Ted is certain Ulser is behind it all, and he vows retribution. 

As Ted dispenses of his moral compass, rapidly descending to the darkest recesses of his mind, Ulser is the one who must pay the price. Can Ted's subsequent spiral into debauchery and alcoholism lead to him losing everything? And when Ulser and Ted are finally reunited, will we realise that nothing that went before was what it seemed?

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Further works in progress

Next Novel

RJ has 1/3rd of his next novel completed - working title "Danny".

Danny has fallen on hard times. His alcoholism has left him homeless. His great friend is Dickens, his dog, loyal to a fault. He falls in love with someone who has equally fallen a great distance. There are secrets in their past they don't share which links them in ways they couldn't have foreseen. 


3rd novel

RJ's third novel is about the holiday we all never forget. It's where most of the laughs are got post the event.


4th novel is in the pipeline and will also appeal to a young audience

RJ loved the books of Enid Blyton, like every other child of his time. His passion for books was enhanced as a teenager reading The 39 Steps by John Buchan, which gave him a love of all things Scottish. Carlos Ruiz Zafón is one of RJ's favourite writers and he read The Prince of Mist recently, a book written for kids. It was magical and mystical. RJ is keen to write a book, even a fraction as enjoyable, to help instill that early love of reading.

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RJ Deeds

Storytelling Author

Welcome to the official website of RJ Deeds

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Contacting the Author

Contact RJ Deeds by sending a message here or through Atmosphere Press

7103 Foxtree Cove, Austin, Texas, 78750, USA

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